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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Business owners and website managers are always trying to think about what it will take to get good quality industry links pointing to their website (or link bait). Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018 –

I’m not talking about the mass blanketing of directories I am talking about the nice, juicy link bait type of links that get people to want to link to your blog posts or website. You do have to be a bit clever to pull some of the more viral campaigns off but there are plenty of ways to generate good quality links to your posts just through traditional writing, it all comes down to structure.

Here is a list of techniques to consider when building an effective link bait program:

Lists: Nice lengthy robust lists for your industry laying out resources on how to get certain things done is a great way to achieve nice rankings in any industry. People love to read lists especially if they are looking for something that requires a list type break down of products or services in their industry. If your industry has a handful of software programs, tools or services that help get the job done make a list of each with a short write up including a link back to that specific source.

Be Mean: I know this sounds a bit harsh but being rowdy and controversial often times gets people’s attention fairly quickly. People seem to really enjoy drama and you will most likely receive a nice hefty amount of comments along with people linking to your blog post from taking this approach. Will the comments always agree with your belief? Probably not but then again you are taking this approach for controversy and link building. Don’t expect all the comments to be nice as people will surely want to disagree with your view but that is ok because that is the purpose of writing a mean post.

Review Something: Review an up and coming industry tool and write up a post describing all its features and capabilities. Leave links behind linking to the product and maybe any other product reviews that might exist in the search results. Take some nice screen shots of the tool and create images people can follow while reading the review. Give your opinion on the tool at the end of the write up as well.

There are many ways to create inbound links and over time incorporating these types of approaches will generate some really great links pointing to your website. Not to mention that your website or blog will also slowly become an authority figure in the search engines leading to a variety of new internet benefits.

Premium WordPress Themes – A Break Down of Link Types

When it comes to building a business and website online most people know that building links is important, but what type of links are important to build? One source might say one thing and another says another so it could get confusing very quickly. The reality is that a combination of a variety of link types is really important to any link building campaign.

  • What are external links?

    An external link on your website is a link that does not include your domain and belongs to someone else. External links pointing to other domains are an important part of link building. Sometimes people get worried thinking they will send business away from their website but in the long run the external linking really helps to strengthen your SEO efforts. As part of all search engine algorithms they take into account which websites you link to. It is an important part of link building and needs to be included in any link building campaign.

  • What is an internal link?

    An internal link is a link that points to the inside of your website. It is always good to have some sort of internal link building structure on your website. A website footer is a must and just goes without saying but often times it is even important to have a space underneath the footer that has a series of links that might lead to other important pages of your website. Internal linking not only strengthens your link building but it also increases over all user experience. Your website user might see a page that they didn’t see before which could increase odds for a website conversion.

  • What are One Way Links?

    One way links are probably one of the most important you can acquire for your website. A one way link would be a blogger or news site doing a write up or a story on you and leaving a link behind pointing to your website or a page of your website. These often times happen naturally which is why they are much more powerful than any other type of link.

    Incorporating all three of these link types is important to the overall success of your website and your link building and SEO efforts.

Premium WordPress Themes – Quantity is History

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the internet space is mighty crowded. There are almost no niches left untouched and space in search results is growing at a very fierce rate. So what do you do? How could you possibly start a hosting company or internet security website now? As long as you remember that everything now revolves around a quality approach you will be just fine.

Special: Put your heart into what you do. Speak the truth and speak from your soul and don’t worry about what traffic your article or blog post is going to get. Offer something special that might not be out there. Taking news, rewriting it and calling it your own, is not being special. Writing editorial that comes from experience and provides something unique is going to go a bit further.

Appearance: Put some “fun” into your work. Give your efforts some sort of design element to entice people to want to see and learn more about your business. Yes people do judge a book by its cover so remember that.

Helpful: Make sure whatever you are putting out there is helping someone complete a task or further their knowledge in some sort of way. When you can write or create something that helps others your efforts are going to stretch much further than you think.

Internet marketing today is all about quality. Quantity was something that existed years ago and for some reason many search engine marketers haven’t realize that the industry is evolving into something much different than what it once was. It takes a second thought now to get things to where you want. You need to think outside the box and keep in mind that you are building a brand at all times. When you have the mindset that you are building a brand at all times you tend to approach your efforts in a different marketing light. A light that almost forces your mindset to be in a quality type approach mindset to build your business rather than taking a quantity approach that doesn’t really allow you to grow the right way online.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Some new Internet marketers wonder whether they should take up article marketing or blogging. The question is often asked, “Which is better for building links.” The answer is both of them. Best Premium wordPress Themes 2018.

What you need to understand about article marketing is it’s a long-term strategy, just like good white hat search engine optimization. Your chances of building a lot of links in a short time with articles are pretty slim unless you have one particular article go viral, and that’s rare. But it does happen. Short term possibilities are much better with blogging, though the long-term benefits of a single blog post are much less than they are with a single article. Again, unless that one blog post goes viral, which does happen.

The trick to building links is you have to know your medium. I like mixing the strategies and tactics to take a blended approach to build relevant one way links over time. If you use both articles and blogs then you can build a solid base of inbound links using various key phrases and link building tactics from both tools. You’ll build a much better business that way and a lot more links.

Premium WordPress Themes – Back Links

Almost everyone knows that back links are important to a long term search engine optimization strategy, but there is some confusion about just where to go to get them. Well, you don’t have to go far. In fact, Google your most important keywords and add “blog” without the quotes after it. Then start leaving relevant comments on the blog posts.

Yes, it really is that easy, but be careful not to spam the blogs. Leave real valuable comments, not just spammy fluff.

Should you be concerned with Google Page Rank? Not really. Low Google Page Rank sites benefit you too. Just not as much. The key is to build your back link arsenal.

There really are two ways to approach building links. You can go for the high Page Rank sites and leave the low PR sites alone, but there are fewer high PR sites so you’ll get fewer links. But they will be worth more. Or you can build up a lot of low Page Ran k links. Either way, you’ll get to the same place in about the same amount of time. The third way you can build links is just to build links and not think about Google Page Rank. You’ll end up getting links from high PR sites and low PR sites and you’ll build your link arsenal more naturally.

Premium WordPress Themes – Press Releases

Let’s say you have an event coming up and you want to promote it online. Can you write a press release and optimize it so that it ranks in the search engines? Yes you can.

In fact, optimizing a press release is much like optimizing anything else – website, article, blog, etc. You have to have the right amount of keywords in the right places, links, etc.

The first place to optimize your press release is in the headline. Make sure you write an attention-grabbing headline that uses your keyword and put the keyword near the beginning of the headline. Also, write a killer first sentence using your keyword and sprinkle the keyword throughout the press release too.

Links are not essential, but if you’re going to include links (and I recommend that you do) then make sure that you include the right number of links. Don’t overdo it. And make sure that they point to the right websites and web pages. You’ll also want to include your keywords in those links to get the anchor text. As you can see, all the same rules for SEO apply to press releases so just follow the rules of good clean white hat search engine optimization and you should do fine.

Premium WordPress Themes – Internal Link Structure

Much has been said of links, but it’s mostly inbound links that get all the attention. Internal links – links that point from one page of your website to another – should also be considered a part of your overall link structure.

Internal links can have a big impact on your overall SEO. There are a couple of primary ways to make sure that you get the most out of your internal links. The first is to ensure that you use the proper anchor text. When you link from page A to page B you should use your primary keyword on page B as the anchor text for your link. If you do that on every page then you should improve your SEO tremendously. Always use the primary keyword of the page to which you are linking no matter which page you are linking from.

The second way to use your internal links is to make sure they are html links and not dynamic links. Mouseovers, blinking text, and drop down menus are often used as features of navigation bars and they generally work against webmasters where SEO is concerned. The best way to improve your SEO with internal links is to make sure that your navigational bar is HTML-based.

If you do these two things on your website then your internal link structure will be stronger than ever before.

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The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018When it comes to building links to a website, webmasters have tried a variety of methods over the years. Some of those have been very powerful and some of them have been banned, or penalized, by the search engines. But one method of link building that has remained as effective, and as acceptable, as it was on the very first day of the Internet is article marketing. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

But what does article marketing entail?

Well, first, it means you will write articles on a consistent basis and submit them through article directories online. However, a newer method of article marketing involves submitting articles directly to publishers who are seeking exclusive original content. Both methods are great ways to build inbound links.

If you’ve decided that article marketing is the way you want to go to drive traffic to your website, the place you need to start is with keywords. You must conduct keyword research and figure out what your most important keywords are. Secondly, you need to build a website. You can’t build links to something that doesn’t exist. And you can use the same keywords for your articles that you use for your website; in fact, I highly recommend that you do.

Effective article marketing requires a unique mindset. You must be diligent and patient. To do it correctly, here’s what you need to think about:

  • Quality – Don’t just spurn out cheap content and expect people will visit your website. Make your article a high quality article with original content.
  • Original Content – Original content is always better than rewritten fluff and PLR. Private Label Rights articles, if they are going to be any good to you must be rewritten extensively. But the time it takes to rewrite an article and make it look new and original is about the same amount of time to write an article from scratch. You might as well just write original content.
  • Keep It Short – Make your articles easy to read in one sitting. 400-700 words is best.
  • Be Informative – Give you reader something meaty. No fluff. Provide useful, relevant, and high quality information that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s how you build credibility and trust.
  • Don’t Use Too Many Links – Too many links makes your article look spammy. You are trying to build a good reputation. Just provide one or two links in your author resource box and promote the same website.
  • Be Focused – If you maintain your focus and write aritcles consistently over time then you can build some good, solid links back to your website.

Link building through articles is hard work and takes a lot of time. That’s why only the truly dedicated commit to it. Are you that dedicated?

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Building Efforts

It’s all about spam. While some sites, like Twitter, nofollow all their links in an attempt to discourage spam (because it works so well on Twitter, huhn?), Yahoo! Answers has decided to go another route in controlling spam. They’re just not going to activate your links.

That’s right, according to the Yahoo! Answers Blog, URLs posted by Level 1 users, new users, will not be activated. In order to see your URLs activated, you’ll have to become a Level 2 user. In other words, you must first be initiated and accepted by the community leaders.

I’ve seen this type of thing happening more and more in the last couple of years and I think it will happen even more going forward. Web communities are becoming extremely sensitive to search engine spam. And if a website – like Yahoo! Answers, for instance – is a popular destination for people trying to game a quick, cheap link then it will be a haven for spammers. The reason sites become spam havens is because they have so much value to contribute to legitimate marketing efforts. It’s a classic take of you take the bad with the good.

Only now, the bad isn’t so good if you’re on the bad team. I say Yay Yahoo! Answers! Make them earn the right to be a linker.

Premium WordPress Themes – Building Links

A reader asked me a question in a recent blog comment, so I decided to write a blog post about this topic. The question was: When it comes to link building, which is better: Articles or directory submissions?

Before we answer that question, let’s answer a more fundamental question: Why do you need links in the first place?

Links are important for a couple of reasons. First, they are a method of driving traffic to your website and to build and increase your online trust factor. In fact, place enough links in all the right places and you can drive targeted traffic to your most important web pages. Secondly, links are good for offsite search engine optimization purposes. All the major search engines base their ranking algorithms in part on link analysis. The most sophisticated of the link analysis algorithms is Google’s. The largest search engine on the Web judge link quality on factors such as anchor text relevance, PageRank of the linking page, link age, page relevance, diversity of link sources, and several other factors. Get the right mix of links and you can watch your page rankings go from mediocre to good or good to great in a short time.

So what is better for building links? Directory submissions or articles?

One way to think about this is to ask yourself which of these is better equipped to deliver you links that meet one or more of the above-mentioned criteria. Directory submissions, if done correctly, can deliver great link juice based on domain age, page age, and link age, relevance factors, and several other factors important to link analysis. But it’s only one link. One article, however, has the potential to do all of the above more than once. In fact, one article has the potential to build more solid links over time than 100 directory submissions. And if you multiply the potential by 100 articles at 100 directories, well, you can see the potential multiply exponentially. Either way, I normally recommend submitting your website to the top online directories and even industry/association specific directories. For article submission, eZine is great and also writing for industry specific websites/blogs is another great way to place your articles, increase visitors and highly relevant link popularity.

Directory submissions is a one-time thing. You submit and your done. The only real numbers aspect of it to think about it how many directory submissions you want to make. The more you do the better your chances of building solid links. Articles, on the other hand, are more effective is you maintain a consistent submission pace over a period of time. But because one article has more potential long-term in building the right links in the right places than a hundred, or a thousand, directory submissions, I’m going to have to fall down on the article side on this one.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesOne way to enhance your website is to add a gadget or two. Google Gadgets helps you do that so easily. Premium WordPress themes with advanced woocommerce support for you. There are more than 45,000 Google gadgets to choose from in several categories, including:

  • News
  • Communication
  • Tools
  • Finance
  • Sports
  • Fun & Games
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology

You can choose from gadget currently available or create your own. You simply choose the gadget you want to add to your website and insert the code where you think it fits.

It’s easy to search for the gadgets you want. You can search by category or by keyword simply by typing in the keyword into the Google Gadget search box and seeing what’s available. Through the Google Gadget interface, you can contact the gadget developer or view the source code. Then you just copy/paste the code into your web page and your visitors can benefit from the gadget.

Google gadgets make your website sticky and can also increase the Search Engine Optimization as many gadgets related to your niche operate on keyword usage. Get a gadget that closely matches your niche topic and your Google juice goes up as well.

Premium WordPress Themes – Tracking Conversions

Tracking conversions is one of the most important aspects of running a business online. If you don’t know how your sales pages are operating and how successful or unsuccessful they are then you have no idea on how to improve them. That’s why tracking conversions is so important.

It’s really simple to track your conversions. The difficult part is analyzing your results. Seemingly good results can sometimes be improved upon just by tweaking your sales or landing page a little. One change to your landing page can increase your conversions by a considerable amount, but to do that you have to know what to improve and that’s where conversion tracking comes in.

There are different analytics programs you can use for tracking your conversions. I like Google Analytics because it’s free and because it’s also tied to your Google AdWords account. If you are driving traffic to your landing page with pay per click ads from Google AdWords then you can track your conversions with a simple piece of code that you add to your landing page.

Don’t confuse your conversion tracking code with your Google Analytics code, however. They are two pieces of code. You’ll need to add your Google Analytics code in order to track how much traffic your PPC ads are delivering to your pages. But you need your conversion tracking code in order to track your sales. The analytics code goes on your landing page. The conversion tracking code goes on the “Thank you” page that your visitors see when they purchase your product. That’s so that the conversion tracking code can register the sale that has just been made.

To get the code, log into your Google AdWords account and click on “Conversion Tracking” in the green bar at the top of the page. On the left side of the page, near the bottom, you’ll see a box. In that box is a link using the words “Get conversion page code.” Click on that link. You’ll have to choose the type of conversion that you want to track. Just follow the instructions in that part of the Google AdWords system. It’s pretty simple.

Premium WordPress Themes – More Money

You’ve likely heard of cookies and session IDs. The difference between a cookie and a session ID, briefly, is that a session ID expires after a user closes their browser or leaves your website. The cookie is downloaded to the website visitors hard drive and the next time they arrive at your site you are able to see what they’ve viewed or purchased in the past. That information can be extremely valuable.

  • With cookies, you can learn your users’ navigational preferences and tailor them to suit those preferences. In other words, if you have content on a tier 3 structure and there are multiple paths to a certain page, a cookie can tell you whether a visitor prefers to take Path A or Path B to get that specific content. You can then tailor your offerings to narrow down that navigational path for each user.
  • Cookies also allow you to maintain password-protected web pages, or membership sites, and show only those features that require a password to users with a cookie that has a password stored on it. Non-registered users will get the “plain vanilla” version while your registered users can enjoy all the benefits of your content.
  • Cookies can also restrict search engines from accessing and indexing certain portions or web pages on your website while allowing registered users the full benefit of the content.
  • One of the most powerful uses for cookies and session IDs is to tailor your product offerings to users based on past purchases. has gotten real good at this. If you know that a certain user has a preference for yellow widgets versus blue then if you roll out a new product called Super-Duper Yellow Widget then your cookie can let you know when visitors with that preference are on your site. Your content will then be tailored to make an offer to those visitors while ignoring the visitors who prefer blue widgets.
  • Cookies can also tailor your advertising toward visitors with certain content preferences – even on the same page. For instance, if that yellow widget customer decides to visit the blue widget page then they’ll still see ads for yellow widgets even though that page normally displays ads for blue widgets.
  • Of course, the most common usage for cookies and session IDs is to improve user experience. Cookies can remember your visitors’ passwords and allow them to visit your site without having to login manually every time. You can even program the cookie to give your visitors a choice about that as some users are more concerned with privacy issues.
  • Cookies can also help you tailor your advertising preferences to certain types of advertisers who have shows a tendency to prefer certain types of content over others for their advertising purposes.

Cookies are very powerful and can be useful to you, your advertisers, search engines, and your visitors. Information can be collected on all of the above from all of the above for all of the above.

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Premium WordPress Themes by 7Theme

Premium WordPress Themes By 7 themeWebsite security is one of the most important aspects of running a website. Particularly if you are using a CMS – content management system – because open source systems like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are often updated and if you don’t use the latest version you could be vulnerable to a security leak or a hack. If you’ve ever had it happen then you know the dangers. Premium WordPress Themes By 7 theme for your quality sites.

Google Webmaster Central wrote a great blog post today about hacking and website security. I heartily recommend reading this post and you should make an effort to stay abreast of the latest security techniques for whatever system you are using.

HTML-based websites are not immune either. They can be hacked just as easily as any other, especially if you have a lot of code, widgets, or other applications on your site. If you use open source widget creators, Javascript, or add applications to your site for your users, those things can be entryways to a hacker sneaking in to use your site as a spam headquarters, malicious malware drop, or cookie hijacking.

While most webmasters and website owners probably have nothing to worry about, you should take every precaution to oversee your site’s security. It’s an important issue…sometimes its not all about search engine optimization!

Premium WordPress Themes – Live Chat Tracking

Ever wonder how many of your phone calls are converting to sales? Wonder what percentage of your website visits result in direct phone calls and what percentage of those convert to sales? Well, thanks to a partnership between Google Analytics and Mongoose Metrics, you can know that.

The service acts through a tool-free 800-number provided by Moongoose Metricks, which is also tied to your Google Analytics account to enable the tracking. The hitch is you need a different toll-free number for every keyword you want to track. Whether or not that expense is worth is up to you, but the toll-free numbers are supposedly affordable. The service starts at $35 per month.

A similar service being offered by Google Analytics is tracking for your live chat sessions. This service is provided by LivePerson in partnership with Google Analytics. Wow!

Both of these services seem very valuable for your search engine optimization efforts. If you’ve been looking for a way to track conversions for your live chat sessions and phone calls, now you have it. For more information on both services, check out this blog post at the Google Analytics Blog.

Premium WordPress Themes – Other Nefarious PITAs

Has your website been hacked? Do you have an onerous scraper stealing your content. Or maybe you’ve been trolled or otherwise snizzled upon (don’t ask me what it means, but it sounds nasty doesn’t it?)? You can take care of those pesky little pains the arses (PITAs) once and for all just by adding a little snippet of code in your .htaccess.

Before I tell you what the code is, let’s review what an .htaccess is. It’s a little text file that allows you to overwrite some directions within your directories. You can do all sorts of things with your .htaccess including forbidding robots from crawling your site, redirecting some URLs to others, and protecting some pages with passwords. It’s a useful document.

You can create an .htaccess if your server is Apache-based. If you are on an NT server then the .htaccess won’t help you.

The first deny order (123.456.78.90) is explicit. It tells web browsers to not allow a certain IP address from viewing your website. The second order (098.76.54) tells web browsers not allow a whole block of IP addresses from viewing your website. You might use that one if you’ve noticed a family of spammers, scrapers, or hackers infiltrated you. Sometimes you’ll shut one down only to get hit by another. Blocking whole IP addresses might take care of an entire server if you need to.

To create your .htaccess, open up Notepad and save it as a blank document. Then you can write in any code you need to in order to make the changes that you want to make.

Premium WordPress Themes – Navigation Patterns

Google Analytics has a cool feature that I thought I’d share with you. It allows you to see at a glance where your visitors have been on your website. You can follow their navigation from entrance to exit, seeing each page’s bounce rate and entrance and exit links at a glance.

Here’s how you access this feature in Google Analytics:

  • Log in to Google Analytics account
  • Click on the account and website you want to analyze
  • Scroll down to the Content Overview box and click “view report”
  • Click on the Navigation Summary link

Here you can see what percentages of your visitors entered any particular page on your site and what percentage came to each page from previous pages. You can also see how many visitors exited from each page and what percentage went on to view other pages as well as which specific pages those visitors came from and went. This data is available for each page on your website.

At the top of your stats, below the graph, you can see how many page views each page had for the time period you are measuring. This is good information to not only make improvement to your website but also see how effective your search engine optimization efforts are over a period of time.

This information is very valuable in telling you how each page on your website relates to other pages. It can also tell you whether your ’s structure is working for you. Are people leaving your most important landing pages without visiting other pages on your website? Are they coming to your most important landing pages from other pages on your site that you didn’t anticipate? Perhaps you can find a way to capitalize on that information.

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